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CO2 Rearming Kit Cartridge Cylinder Tank for Manual Inflatable Life Jacket - 24g/33g


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Features and Benefits:

  • This CO2 rearming kit inflates your manual inflatable lifejacket
  • Premium quality, heavy-duty, easy to install and remove, recyclable.
  • Fits various size inflatable lifejackets with 1/2-inch thread cylinder.
  • Fast shipping from USA warehouse. Great customer service.
  • Flotation: 17g=80N, 24g=110N, 33g=150N, 60g=275N
  • (select the CO2 cylinder that matches your life jacket buoyancy rating.)
Important: To ensure 100% compatibility, it’s always recommended to buy the CO2 rearming kit from the same seller that you bought your lifejacket/life vest from.

    This is a premium quality re-arming CO2 kit/cylinder/cartridge for inflatable life jackets, life vests, waist belt packs, or personal flotation device (PFD). It fits manual lifejackets that take 1/2-inch thread CO2 cartridges.

    The inflatable Jacket will inflate when the wearer pulls the inflation handle. For replacement CO2 cartridge, use our premium rearming kit.

    Included in the kit are a CO2 cylinder with a 1/2-inch thread, and a green indicator clip. The kit also comes with instructions for easy use.

    What's in the box:
    CO2 cylinder, indicator clip, and instructions.

    This cylinder is one-time use only. Since it is hard to be transported, we suggest you to buy 1 more extra CO2 recharge set while purchasing the inflatable life jacket at the same time.

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